Questionnaire on SLM Technologies

The ultimate goal of documenting and assessing land management practices is to share and spread valuable knowledge in land management, support evidence-based decision-making, and scale up identified good/ best practices. To achieve this, it is important to analyse field experiences and gain a better understanding of the reasons behind successful SLM practices, regardless of whether they were introduced by projects or whether they are found in traditional systems.
WOCAT focuses on efforts to prevent and reduce land degradation and restore degraded land through improved land management technologies and approaches to implement these. All practices may be considered, whether they are traditional or indigenous, newly introduced through projects or programmes, adopted and/ or adapted by land users, or recent innovations.

The Core Questionnaire on SLM Technologies (QT) helps to describe and understand the land management practice by addressing the following questions: what are the specifications of the Technology, what are the inputs and costs, where is it used (natural and human environment), and what impact does it have?



QT core