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WOCAT is a global network on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) that promotes the documentation, sharing and use of knowledge to support adaptation, innovation and decision-making in SLM.


WOCAT Events at COP in New Delhi, India

Join WOCAT at the UNCCD COP14 from 2-13 September, New Delhi, India in one of the 7 side events, the presentation "A global overview on sand and dust storms" or the additional "Carbon Benefits Project (CBP)/WOCAT Training: Estimating theimpact of Land Management Projects on climate change mitigation"

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Carbon Benefits Project (CBP) and WOCAT Training, 9. - 11.9.2019, New Delhi, India

Estimating the impact of Land Management Projects on climate change mitigation by using the WOCAT and CBP tools and methods  in New Delhi, India.

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Launch of the TerrAfrica publication ‘Sustainable rangeland management in Sub-Saharan Africa – Guidelines to good practice’ at COP14

This new publication will be launched at UNCCD COP14 in India, September 2019 (side event: ‘LDN -restoring balance in our natural and working landscapes’, 4th September from 13:00 to 15:00hrs).

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WOCAT Symposium and WOCAT Network Meeting 2019 was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 13-16 May 2019

The WOCAT Symposium and WOCAT Network Meeting 2019 that was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia and jointly co-organized with CIAT Ethiopia, WLRC and WOCAT, was a success thanks to all participants, contributors and co-organizers. At the WOCAT Symposium participants shared their knowledge and discussed about up- and out-scaling SLM and achieving LDN. The following day participants visited the Jema watershed north of Addis Ababa to experience successful SLM implementation. At the WOCAT Network Meeting invited WOCAT experts jointly reflected on the achievements and experiences in applying WOCAT in different countries, institutions and projects, and on how the future of WOCAT should look like. More information will be shared soon here on the WOCAT website.

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Land is a critical resource, IPCC report says

The new IPCC special report on Climate Change and Land https://www.ipcc.ch/report/srccl/ shows how managing land resources sustainably can help address climate change. The report also mentions WOCAT, for example in chapter 4 it refers to WOCAT's contribution to map land degradation and to the global SLM database https://qcat.wocat.net/en/wocat/

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Read the UGACAT article in the New Vision newspaper

UGACAT  is   part of a success story and product of  a partnership  of institutions working towards  scaling SLM  at multi scales (farm, landscapes  and national) under IFAD funding.

UGACAT  as  a  coalition hosts the SLM database linked to the  National SLM Database officially hosted by the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) www.ugacat.slm.go.ug and  to the global  network and  database of WOCAT.

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Sustainable rangeland management in Sub-Saharan Africa - Guidelines to good practice

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the popular perception of rangelands and their management is that these vast areas have major problems without solutions: the common narrative focuses on overgrazing, herds of undernourished livestock, erosion and desertification, drought, famine, and conflict. However, evidence compiled and analysed in this book show that such a view of rangelands – as being unproductive and mismanaged systems – does not reflect reality. It needs reconsideration and revision. The overall goal of the guidelines is to demonstrate – through a unique set of convincing case studies and their analysis as well as the development of guiding principles – the value and potential of investment in rangelands.

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WOCAT supports LDN

WOCAT methods and tools are utilized for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN)/SDG 15.3 reporting and implementation, assessing the LDN indicators and identifying the status and trends of LD and SLM.

For further information see LDN training at CRIC Guyana and Scientific articles on LDN

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The WOCAT “International Strategy” for 2015–2018 draws on the wealth of experience gathered in the WOCAT programme since its launch in 1992. This includes important areas such as funding.

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Projects and initiatives

At national and regional level, WOCAT is included in specific projects, mainstreamed in local programmes, and may be part of a national strategy.

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Global SLM Database

The Global Database on SLM contains a vast range of good practices from all over the world and is the primary recommended database by UNCCD.

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WOCAT/SLM knowledge products

Are you looking for WOCAT/SLM books, videos, factsheets, papers or other media?

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Training materials

Discover and download the WOCAT training material with presentations on the different tools and methods, and video instructions. The training materials are currently available in English, French and Spanish.

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