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WOCAT is a global network on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) that promotes the documentation, sharing and use of knowledge to support adaptation, innovation and decision-making in SLM.


Call for abstracts and registration still open - WOCAT Symposium 13-14 May 2019 in Ethiopia

We are pleased to announce to all interested institutions and experts that the call for abstracts and registration is open for the WOCAT Symposium 2019. The WOCAT Symposium will be hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia and will be held on Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May 2019 in Ethiopia.

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17 June: World Day to Combat Desertification

The World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD) is observed every year on 17 June to promote public awareness of international efforts to combat desertification. Many countries, groups and individuals celebrate and observe WDCD by organizing a variety of outreach activities and awareness raising events.

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“Decision Support for Mainstreaming and Scaling up of Sustainable Land Management (DS-SLM)” Asian Regional Forum, 29 January – 1 February 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand

The four-day Forum is hosted by DS SLM Thailand and is organized jointly by FAO, Land Development Department (LDD), Soil and Fertilizer Society of Thailand (SFST) and the Kasetsart University. The Forum will be held during the Annual Kasetsart University Agricultural Fair to also allow participants to witness a range of agricultural SLM approaches and technologies implemented in Thailand.

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Near East and North Africa Land and Water Days 2019 in Cairo

Join WOCAT at several events: 1st April side event on decision support for SLM with FAO and participation of DS-SLM project partners and the launch of the e-learning course on SLM with CIHEAM and FAO. 2nd April regional initiative to combat land degradation in the Mediterranean with FAO.

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WOCAT training in Nicaragua

CDE researcher Johanna Jacobi has provided a WOCAT training to local stakeholders on good land management in Dipilto, Nicaragua, in cooperation with GOPA and SDC Nicaragua.

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Global SLM Database: Chinese and Thai

The Global SLM Database is now available in Chinese and Thai. Our thanks for the Chinese translation go to Mr. Sun Guoji, Director General of Department of Combating Desertification, National Forestry and Grassland Administration; and for the Thai translation to Dr. Bunjirtluk Jintaridth and Mr. Kamchai Kanjanatanaseth, Land Development Department (LDD), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand; Dr. Pitayakon Limtong, Soil and Fertilizer Society of Thailand.

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WOCAT papers on Land Degradation Neutrality

In joint collaboration with Conservation International, CONICET, Both ENDS, ISRIC, Sustainable Land Management Associates, CIAP and FAO, WOCAT has contributed to four different papers on Land Degradation Neutrality highlighting the relevance of SLM for achieving LDN, the use of standardized global methods and tools and using their synergies for assessing and monitoring LDN, and the enabling conditions and environment to further the implementation of LDN.

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WOCAT supports LDN

WOCAT methods and tools are utilized for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN)/SDG 15.3 reporting and implementation, assessing the LDN indicators and identifying the status and trends of LD and SLM.

For further information see LDN training at CRIC Guyana and Scientific articles on LDN

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The WOCAT “International Strategy” for 2015–2018 draws on the wealth of experience gathered in the WOCAT programme since its launch in 1992. This includes important areas such as funding.

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Projects and initiatives

At national and regional level, WOCAT is included in specific projects, mainstreamed in local programmes, and may be part of a national strategy.

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Global SLM Database

The Global Database on SLM contains a vast range of good practices from all over the world and is the primary recommended database by UNCCD.

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WOCAT/SLM knowledge products

Are you looking for WOCAT/SLM books, videos, factsheets, papers or other media?

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Training materials

Discover and download the WOCAT training material with presentations on the different tools and methods, and video instructions. The training materials are currently available in English, French and Spanish.

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