WOCAT training materials

Methodological training

Training and capacity enhancement are needed, among other things, to:

  • include WOCAT in the countries/region (training of national and regional institutions through global WOCAT, including training for trainers)
  • document, evaluate, monitor, disseminate and use SLM knowledge at the regional, national, project and expert levels (through national/regional WOCAT)
  • identify, address and fill knowledge gaps (training and education at the university level)
  • review technologies and approaches, including data quality management and certification (training for reviewers)
  • use WOCAT tools for decision making (planners, specialists)increase knowledge about SLM / SWC (agricultural advisors, project personnel, students)

Over 500 SWC specialists from 40 countries have learned about the WOCAT methodology in WOCAT training workshops so far. Training and capacity building can today be counted among the major aims of WOCAT.


WOCAT Presentation
SLM Technologies and Approaches Questionnaires and Database
Manual WOCAT Videos
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UNCCD training material for the Global SLM Database

WOCAT manual for UNCCD users

Author: WOCAT, UNCCD, Year: 2017, Languages: English

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Questionnaire for Technologies

The Questionnaire for Technologies is translated into several languages and open access.

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Questionnaire for Approaches

The Questionnaire for Approaches is translated into several languages and open access.

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