Land Degradation Neutrality training materials

The following materials are introducing different tools and methods which can be used in the context of Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) monitoring, validation and implementation.

They have been developed in collaboration with different partners and can be freely downloaded and used by interested stakeholders.

For further information and guidance, please contact WOCAT

LDN training

GEO LDN training on LDN ToolBox (Nairobi, 2-6 October)

GEOLDN Training Group

Here you can find the presentations of WOCAT's contribution to the GEO LDN training held in Nairobi between 2-6 October on the LDN Toolbox.

Session 1: Introduction to LDN
1.1- What is LDN?
1.2- Links to the Rio Conventions
1.3- Enhacing National Reporting Process to UNCCD
1.4- LDN Target Setting
1.5- LDN Monitoring framework and the Convergence of Evidence Principle
1.6- Mapping Land Degrdation: SDG 15.3.1 sub indicators
1.7- False Positives and Negatives

Session 2: Integrating LDN to ILUP
1.1- What is ILUP?
1.2- Why is ILUP important for LDN
1.3- Key concepts to integrate LDN to ILUP
1.4- Participatory mapping of LD: The QM methodology
1.5- Country Examples: Morocco
1.6- Country Examples:Turkiye LDN Action Plan

Session 3: Google Earth Engine for informed decision making
1.1- What is Google Earth Engine?
1.2- FAO-WOCAT Apps for Convergence of Evidence
1.3- Kenya DSS
1.4- Practice: Mulicriteria anlysis, Land cover transitions and participatory mapping

Session 4: WOCAT SLM database
1.1- What is WOCAT?
1.2- WOCAT and UNCCD
1.3- WOCAT SLM data base
1.4- Practice: Exploring the SLM database
1.5- Documenting Practices

Session 5: Tools for Validation
1.1- LandPKS
1.2- Tools4LDN workflow for Field verification of land degradation maps
1.3- Open Foris
1.4- Collect Earth Online for expert validation of vegetation trends



WOCAT - FAO Tutorial Trends.Earth

WOCAT - FAO Google Earth Engine for LDN

In progress:  LUP4LDN tool (Land Use Planning for Land Degradation Neutrality)