Questionnaire on Gender-responsive Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Technologies

The low adoption rate of SLM technologies remains a key bottleneck for making real progress in combating Land Degradation, Desertification and Drought (DLDD) and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular Land Degradation Neutrality (SDG 15.3). Understanding the different roles of women and men in land management is key particularly considering, for instance, that in developing countries, women account for half of the food production.

The aim of the present questionnaire is therefore to:
  • add a gender lens to SLM Technologies and Approaches and assess their gender-responsiveness
  • evaluate how gender-responsiveness of SLM Technologies and Approaches can be improved, stepping up adoption and dissemination, making SLM beneficial for women and men alike.

Version 2022


These versions are not yet updated, if possible please use the English version.