Webinars series on rainwater harvesting

31 May - 7 December 2022

The webinar series starts on 31 May in the form of 10 logical and consecutive main webinars that, comprehensively, provide clarity and complete answers to lingering questions and doubts regarding the adequacy and accuracy of the use of the RWH applications in different contexts. The sessions will be regularly organized every week or every two weeks.

Main objectives:

  • Exploring and upgrading principles, methods and techniques in Rainwater Harvesting across various countries and regions;
  • Building capacity in planning, designing, implementing and operating RWH systems;
  • Enhancing guided decisions on the selection of a single or a blend of various RWH techniques, for diverse projects and setups;
  • Promoting a community of practices on RWH among the countries of the NENA Region and beyond;
  • Providing the participants with a complete and advanced set of documentation on the various topics treated during the webinar series.

The targeted audiences in this webinar series are mainly practitioners, decision-makers, researchers, rural and city planners, academics and their students interested in understanding the role of RWH systems in achieving SDG 6, SDG 2 & SDG 11.

Webinars series on RWH

Main Conveners:

FAO/SIDA WEPS-NENA project & Water Scarcity Initiative (WSI) with: ICARDA, ICID and FAO inter-Regional Technical Platform on Water Scarcity (iRTP-WS)

Contributing Partners:

Acacia Water, ACSAD, AOAD, ESCWA, IFAD, INRAA, MetaMeta, University of Florence, Università degli Studi di Firenze and WOCAT

Webinar series' material

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Module 1

Module 2

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