Shrinking water bodies as hotspots of sand and dust storms: The role of land degradation and sustainable soil and water management

Author: Claudio Zucca, Nick Middelton, Utchhang Kang, Hanspeter Liniger, Year: 2021, Languages: English

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Special issue on Land Degradation Neutrality

WOCAT in joint collaboration with Conservation International, CONICET, Both ENDS, ISRIC, Sustainable Land Management Associates, CIAP and FAO, has contributed to four different papers that were submitted to a Special Issue of the Journal Environmental Science and Policy on Implementing Land Degradation Neutrality: from policy challenges to policy opportunities for national sustainable development.

Year: 2019

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WOCAT master theses

Author: various, Year: 2018, Languages: English, French, German

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WOCAT: Regional Example of Eastern and Southern Africa

Author: Liniger H, Year: 1997, Languages: English

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Documenting field knowledge for better land management decisions

Author: Liniger H, van Lynden G & Schwilch G, Year: 2002, Languages: English

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Towards a global map of soil and water conservation achievements: a WOCAT initiative

Author: Schwilch G, Liniger H & van Lynden G, Year: 2004, Languages: English

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Mapping the unknown? The Extent of Sustainable Land Management

Author: Van Lynden Godert, Year: 2006, Languages: English

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Enhanced Decision-Making Based on Lokal Knowledge

Author: Liniger H & Schwilch G, Year: 2002, Languages: English

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Evaluation of promising technologies for soil salinity amelioration in Timpaki (Crete): a participatory approach

Author: Panagea I S, Daliakopoulos I N, Tsanis I K & Schwilch G, Year: 2016, Languages: English

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Modelling the effect of soil and water conservation on discharge and sediment yield in the upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia

Author: Tatenda Lemann, Gete Zeleke, Caroline Amsler, Luciano Giovanoli, Hannes Suter, Vincent Roth, Year: 2016, Languages: English

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