LDN Scientific Publications

WOCAT contributes to scientific knowledge on LDN through collaborative work with experts around the globe. Here are some of our latest publications:

An interactive system to map land degradation and inform decision-making to achieve land degradation neutrality via convergence of evidence across scales: A case-study in Ecuador

Teich, I., Harari, N., Caza, P., Henao-Henao, J. P., Lopez, J. C., Raviolo, E., Díaz-González, A. M., González, H., Bastidas, S., Morales-Opazo, C., & García, C. L. Land Degradation & Development 2023, 1–13.


Impact of Drought on Land Productivity and Degradation in the Brazilian Semiarid Region

Paredes-Trejo, F.; Barbosa, H.A.; Daldegan, G.A.; Teich, I.; García, C.L.; Kumar, T.V.L.; Buriti, C.d.O. Land 2023, 12, 954.


Combining Earth Observations, Cloud Computing, and Expert Knowledge to Inform National Level Degradation Assessments in Support of the 2030 Development Agenda.

Teich, I.; Gonzalez Roglich, M.; Corso, M.L.; García, C.L. Remote Sensing 2019, 11, 2918.



WOCAT in joint collaboration with Conservation International, CONICET, Both ENDS, ISRIC, Sustainable Land Management Associates, CIAP and FAO, has contributed to four different papers that were submitted to a Special Issue of the Journal Environmental Science and Policy on Implementing Land Degradation Neutrality: from policy challenges to policy opportunities for national sustainable development.

The papers highlight the relevance of SLM for achieving LDN, the use of standardized global methods and tools and using their synergies for assessing and monitoring LDN, and the enabling conditions and environment to further the implementation of LDN.

Link to online journal "Environmental Science & Policy": LDN framework & policies


Achieving land degradation neutrality: The role of SLM knowledge in evidence-based decision-making.

Hanspeter Liniger, Nicole Harari, Godert van Lynden, Renate Fleiner, ... William Critchley. April 2019. Pages 123-134.


Contribution of community-based initiatives to the sustainable development goal of Land Degradation Neutrality. Nathalie van Haren, Renate Fleiner, Hanspeter Liniger, Nicole Harari. April 2019. Pages 211-219.


Synergizing global tools to monitor progress towards land degradation neutrality: Trends.Earth and the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies sustainable land management database. Mariano Gonzalez-Roglich, Alex Zvoleff, Monica Noon, Hanspeter Liniger, ... Cesar Garcia. March 2019. Pages 34-42.


Land degradation assessment in the Argentinean Puna: Comparing expert knowledge with satellite-derived information. César Luis García, Ingrid Teich, Mariano Gonzalez-Roglich, Adolfo Federico Kindgard, ... Hanspeter Liniger. January 2019. Pages 70-80.


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