WOCAT/ IUCN session on rangelands at GLF Biodiversity 2020 ‘One World One Health’ Digital Conference

Rangeland health restoration initiative for "One World – One Health" - Raise awareness about and investment for rangeland health restoration

GLF Rangelands

Rangelands in drylands and mountains account for the largest restoration opportunities for ecosystems, human and environmental health, and economic growth. Restoring these and their biodiversity should become a priority to secure “One World - One Health”. They are largely occupied and used by communities, which have a rich knowledge of how to manage the health and ecosystems of rangelands (grassland, savannahs and silvo-pastoral systems). However, their management capacity requires greater support from policies and investments to secure tenure, enable governance systems, and connect them to markets.

In order to restore degraded rangelands and spread sustainable management practices widely, nature-based and community-based solutions need to be promoted and the multiple services provided by healthy rangelands should be proven by monitoring impacts and using these for evidence-based decision making. Furthermore, local communities and youth need recognition and incentives to engage in sustainable rangeland management and a vision for a brighter future, to prevent outmigration.

Through an introductory video, pitch talks of local and global committed persons and their institutions and interactive group discussions the session promoted a rangeland health restoration initiative with a clear-sighted vision and coherent approach to rangeland management to improve productivity, build resilience, protect nature and support sustainable development. This can be achieved if the multiple stakeholders involved in rangeland management join forces and develop a common way forward as was shown by the diversity of speakers and wide spectrum of participants. Organisations involved in the session were WOCAT, IUCN, ILRI, WWF, World Bank, CEH, Camp Alatoo Kyrgyzstan, University of Alexandria Egypt, Solaro Kenya, Wajari & ABC Colombia.


Global Rangeland Initiative Pitch Talks

Nine pitch talks during the Global Landscape Forum 2020 "Session on global rangeland initiative - Awareness for engagement" are presenting solutions, role of knowledge and illustrating impacts and efforts towards a rangeland consortium.  3-minute presentations from NGOs (Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Colombia), University (Egypt), WOCAT, IUCN, World Bank, ILRI, and WWF.