WOCAT Symposium and 18th WOCAT Network Meeting (WNM) in Cali, Colombia 2017

The WOCAT Symposium and 18th WOCAT Network Meeting co-organized by CIAT and FAO, were a great success. It was held with its thematic focus on “WOCAT and the role of Sustainable Land Management in contributing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” in Cali, Colombia, on June 13-16 2017.

The event was attended by 52 participants from 25 countries and diverse institutions ranging from Government, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, to academia. Organized by the WOCAT Secretariat in close collaboration with CIAT and with the support of FAO, the four days were structured into three main parts: WOCAT Symposium, Field day, and WOCAT Network Meeting.

The WOCAT Secretariat thanks everyone who has collaborated and made this event possible. 

Please find below the documentation of the event.

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1. Announcement & Programme

2. WOCAT Symposium

Topic 1: Challenges and opportunities for scaling up SLM practices in contribution to achieving the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda

Scaling up sustainable land management practices by smallholder farmers in Lao PDR

not available

Climate Smart Community Watersheds: the experiences of Ethiopian Sustainable Land Management Projects

not available

Topic 2: Use of SLM tools and methods of WOCAT and others in local, national and regional programmes for achieving the SDGs

Topic 3: Success stories of knowledge-based decision-making in SLM using tools and methods from the WOCAT network and other actors – Focus on experiences made by the FAO-WOCAT DS-SLM project in Latin America in Decision-Support in SLM

Topic 4: Special focus Latin America: Promotion and achievement of SLM through the application of SLM tools and methods of WOCAT and others with emphasis to strengthen partnerships

Closing Presentations

3. WOCAT Network Meeting

Session 1: Overview of the WOCAT Network and its recent achievements and how it can contribute to achieving the SDGs

Session 2: New SLM tools and methods (including lessons on approaches for scaling up)

Session 3: Learning from SLM projects

Session 4: Linking up WOCAT/SLM with SDGs, global conventions and other critical issues – practice and planning globally and in the regions and countries

4. Report

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