Questionnaire for Mapping Land Degradation and Sustainable Land Management

Sustainable management of the natural resource base is one of a very few, truly fundamental issues that the international community will be obliged to address effectively over the next two decades. The last twenty years have seen an emphasis on global and national economic management; the next twenty will need to address environmental management effectively.
This needs to follow a globally structured approach, based on adequate, reliable, up-to-date data and knowledge, and governed by appropriate international strategies and agreements.

One key product sorely lacking to reach this goal is an overview of where land degradation takes place at what intensity and how land users are addressing this problem through sustainable land management. In order to fill this knowledge gap, three projects (WOCAT, LADA, DESIRE) have come together to establish the current status, while mapping out a route forward.



WOCAT-LADA land degradation and SLM maps

The  mapping database, developed in 2009, is now offline and all documented maps. Here you can find an overview of all data as an excel file documented with the Questionnaire for Mapping from the old mapping database.

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Guidelines for the national assessment and mapping of land degradation and conservation

These guidelines are designed to support and guide national experts and institutions in preparing and implementing participatory national and subnational assessments of LD and SLM in a stepwise approach.

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