WOCAT Symposium and 19th WOCAT Network Meeting (WNM) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2019

1. Announcement & Programme

2. WOCAT Symposium

Topic 1: Dealing with drivers: how to address hindering factors and take advantage of opportunities for upscaling SLM and achieving LDN

Topic 2: Innovative pathways: how to integrate innovative SLM and LDN pathways into successful up- and out-scaling initiatives?

Topic 3: Community of practice: how can WOCAT, partner organizations and other institutions work better together to support the up- and outscaling of SLM and achieving LDN

Session to Rangelands

Poster session

Synthesis of the Symposium

3. 19th WOCAT Network Meeting Programme

Session 1: WOCAT development and countries’ perspectives

Session 2: WOCAT supporting SLM scaling at national and regional level (group work)

Session 3: The WOCAT of today and tomorrow

Session 4: Shaping WOCAT’s future to support achieving the SDGs