WOCAT Symposium in Ethiopia 2019

Call for abstracts and registration open: WOCAT Symposium 13-14 May 2019 in Ethiopia

We are pleased to announce to all interested institutions and experts that the call for abstracts and registration is open now for the WOCAT Symposium 2019. The WOCAT Symposium will be hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia and will be held on Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May 2019 in Ethiopia. Please find further information on the Symposium, the call for abstracts and registration in the announcement below. The registration deadline is extended until 19 April.

Ethiopia as the host country offers a rich and long experience in combating land degradation and promoting SLM at various levels and through various initiatives. It has achieved remarkable results and impacts in improving the sustainable management of land resources.

The WOCAT Symposium and field day (13-14 May 2019) as usual is open to all interested institutions and experts to bring a wide range of SLM experts and stakeholders and members of the WOCAT network together to share their knowledge and experiences and identify new ways to promote SLM and advance WOCAT.

This year’s WOCAT Network Meeting will be different from the previous years. It will be a closed meeting with a small group of experts who have a long experience in the WOCAT network and in working with WOCAT methods and tools and who will be invited separately to provide substantive inputs in terms of evaluating the achievements and experiences made so far in applying WOCAT, as well as in contributing to shaping the future of WOCAT as of 2020 onwards. Should you be interested in being an active part in this effort, please contact the WOCAT Secretariat wocat(at)cde.unibe.ch.

Kindly note that participation in the WOCAT Symposium will be on self-funded basis.

We hope to see you in Ethiopia.


Kind regards on behalf of the meeting organizers and co-sponsors,

Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia, CIAT, WLRC and WOCAT