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National books

Collection of Sustainable Land Management Technologies - Practices by smallholder farmers in Lao PDR

Author: National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI) Laos, Year: 2019, Languages: English, Lao

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Guidelines for the national assessment and mapping of land degradation and conservation

Author: Monica Petri; Riccardo Biancalani; Lehman Lindeque; Freddy Nachtergaele, Year: 2019, Languages: English

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Best Practices for Land Degradation Control in Dryland Areas of China

Author: Jinyou W & Jiefen Y, Year: 2008, Languages: English

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Sustainable Land Management Practices of South Africa

Author: Lötter L, Stronkhorst L D & Smith H J, Year: 2009, Languages: English

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Recueil d'expériences de gestion durable des terres au Senegal

Author: Ndiaye D S & Touré A, Year: 2010, Languages: French

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Guidelines for Development Agents on Soil and Water Conservation in Ethiopia

Author: Hurni H, Berhe WA, Chadhokar P, Daniel D, Gete Z, Grunder M, Kassaye G, Year: 2016, Languages: English

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Bhutan Catalogue of Soil and Water Conservation Approaches and Technologies

Author: National Soil Services Centre (NSSC), Bhutan, Year: 2012, Languages: English

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SLM Technologies and Approaches in Afghanistan - AFCAT Factsheets

Author: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Afghanistan, Year: 2013, Languages: English

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SLM Technologies and Approaches in Bangladesh - BANCAT Factsheets

Author: Khisha, Sudibya Kanti and Shoaib, J.U, Year: 2009, Languages: English

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