WOCAT Apps for Convergence of Evidence

One of the core challenges to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) and Integrated Land Use Planning (ILUP) is to spatially identify, and strategically prioritise, the areas to implement actions to avoid, reduce and reverse land degradation. 

To achieve this, WOCAT has co-developed Apps with different countries and projects to facilitate informed decision making

WOCAT Apps are spatially explicit interactive tools to integrate indicators that support the scaling-up of sustainable land management (SLM) and achieving national LDN targets. They can be used to facilitate planning discussions, perform participatory and data-driven assessments of land degradation across scales and integrate socio economic, soil, biodiversity and climate data. They have become in many cases LDN Decision Support Systems.

Each app is different and has a different purpose, datasets and functionalities. Anyone can use them to easily compare results and obtain statistics at different spatial scales and landscapes. Many include a multi-criteria module to identify areas with specific characteristics to prioritise different types of interventions.

The app´s code is shared as a repository at Earth Engine and can be adapted to and used by other countries and regions. See our paper for more information and just click on the apps below to start using them!