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We invite you and/ or your organization to become part of the global WOCAT Network. There are several ways to get involved. You may subscribe as an Individual Member, as an Institutional Member, form or join an Initiative, or become an official Consortium Partner.

Why get involved?

WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) is an established global network which supports innovation and decision-making processes in Sustainable Land Management (SLM).
The overall goal of the WOCAT Network is to unite the efforts in knowledge management and decision support for the scaling up of SLM among all stakeholders, including national governmental and non-governmental institutions and international and regional organizations and programmes. The Network provides tools that allow SLM specialists to identify fields and needs of action, and share their valuable knowledge in land management. This will assist them in their search for appropriate SLM technologies and approaches, support them in making decisions in the field and at the planning level, and help them scale up identified best practices.

As a member of the WOCAT Network you can access the WOCAT Database, launch joint projects in collaboration with WOCAT, and exchange your know-how with other WOCAT Members.

Becoming an Individual Member

Any individual who supports the vision and mission of the WOCAT Network can become a WOCAT Network Member by creating a WOCAT account to access the WOCAT Database and receive the WOCAT Newsletter.

Becoming an Institutional Member

Any institution that supports the vision and mission of the WOCAT Network can become a WOCAT Network Member by contacting the WOCAT Secretariat for registration ( If so desired, Institutional Members can voluntarily sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU has been prepared to formalize and facilitate collaboration (and identify roles and responsibilities) between the WOCAT International Secretariat, and the WOCAT Regional/ National Institutional Network Members.  

Please download the MoU for Institutional members and send it, once completed, to  

Becoming part of an Initiative

A specific WOCAT Initiative is established if one or more Institutional members and/ or Consortium Partners collaborate in a country or region to jointly apply the WOCAT tools and methods. These Initiatives operate in a self-organized, autonomous, decentralized, and self-funded manner, and are steered by a leader and a committee. New WOCAT Initiatives can register by contacting the WOCAT Secretariat ( If so desired, WOCAT Initiatives can voluntarily sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalize and facilitate collaboration (and identify roles and responsibilities) between the WOCAT International Secretariat and the Initiative.

Please download and complete the MoU for Initiatives and send it to  

How to become a Consortium Partner?

A Consortium Partner is an Institutional Member with a seat in the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee of WOCAT International currently consists of eight Consortium Partners and the WOCAT Secretariat, who bear a shared responsibility for the functioning and further development of the WOCAT Network, while empowering Regional and National Network Members to implement the Network’s vision and mission in their country and/ or region. 

Any Institutional Member agreeing on the vision, mission, overall goals and objectives of WOCAT International can become a Consortium Partner of WOCAT International, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee. The minimum number of Consortium Partners is three and the maximum number is ten. If more than ten institutions wish to become Consortium Partners, the Steering Committee will assess the performance of the existing Consortium Partners and decide on the possible replacement of Consortium Partners based on levels of active involvement.

If you are interested in becoming a Consortium Partner please contact the WOCAT Secretariat (

Co-operating in projects

Are you interested in collaborating on a project with WOCAT? Please contact the Secretariat directly at

Newsletter and social media

By subscribing to WOCAT you will  receive a small number of WOCAT Newsletters to stay informed about our activities. We also share the latest news and developments with you on our social media channels: