WOCAT-LADA land degradation and SLM mapping datasets

The  mapping database, developed in 2009, is now offline and all documented maps. Here you can find an overview of all data as an excel file documented with the Questionnaire for Mapping from the old mapping database.

Defining the Base map units

Description of Simple Queries and Map Attributes

Explanation of aggregated attributes in data from WOCAT ‘Questionnaire on Maps’ (QM)

Mapping Land Degradation and SLM Questionnaire (QM)

The WOCAT-LADA land degradation and SLM Mapping Questionnaire (QM) has been developed to analyse and depict the spatial distribution of SLM and land degradation processes, causes, and impacts.

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Guidelines for the national assessment and mapping of land degradation and conservation

These guidelines are designed to support and guide national experts and institutions in preparing and implementing participatory national and subnational assessments of LD and SLM in a stepwise approach.

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Country - filename

Bolivia - Sipesipe

Excel file


Botswana - Boteti

Cambodia - Aoral

Cape Verde - Santiago

Chile - Cauquenes

China - Kelaigou

Côte d'Ivoire - Adiopodoume

Cyprus - RECARE project

Greece - Nestos

Greece - Crete Messara

Greece - Timpaki

Haiti - Abricots

Haiti - Anse d'hainault

Haiti - Bonbon

Haiti - Chambellan

Haiti - Dame marie

Haiti - Ennery

Haiti - Gonaives

Haiti - Jeremie

Haiti - Les irois

Haiti - Moron

Haiti - Saint michel

Iceland - RECARE Gunnarsholt

Indonesia - Ids

Italy - Rendina

Italy - Veneto

Kenya - Naromoru

Mauritania - Radhi

Mexico - Cointzio

Morocco - Midelt

Morocco - Sehoul

Morocco - Sous massa

Nepal - Harpan

Nepal - Phewa

Nepal - Rolpa

Netherlands - Berkenwoude

Netherlands - Eibergen

Nigeria - Lafia

Norway - RECARE Krakstad

Palestine - Jayyus

Poland - Poznan

Poland - Wroclaw

Portugal - Caramulo

Portugal - Gois

Portugal - Macao

Romania - RECARE

Romania - RECARE QM_vw_map_rom_recare_2014.xls 80.0 KB vw_map_rom_recare_2014.zip 516.3 KB Russian Federation - Dzhanibek

Russian Federation - Novy

Slovakia - Myjava

South Africa -RSA

Spain - Albatera

Spain - Ayora

Spain - Canyoles

Spain - Guadalantin

Spain - Guadiamar

Sweden - RECARE

Switzerland - Frienisberg 2014

Switzerland - Frienisberg 2014 QM_vw_map_swi_frienisberg_2014.xls 27.5 KB vw_map_swi_frienis_2014.zip 22.3 KB Switzerland - Frienisberg 2015

Tajikistan - Faizabad

Tunisia - Koutine

Tunisia - Mkhachbiya

Turkey - Eskisehir

Tunisia - Karapinar

United Kingdom - Isle of Purbeck 2014

United Kingdom - Isle of Purbeck 2014 V2