Based on the WOCAT tools and methods various knowledge products have been produced together with different partners. These knowledge products help people involved in SLM to identify suitable SLM Technologies and Approaches, determine priority areas for interventions and make informed decisions at the local/landscape/watershed, (sub-) national and global level.

The most important WOCAT knowledge products comprise:

1) A global online database system: Three databases on SLM Technologies, SLM Approaches and SLM Mapping including case studies and maps from over 50 countries. Since August 4th 2016 a new database is functional which aims to link the three databases.  

2) Global, regional, national books, factsheets and brochures: Over 20 publications have been generated by WOCAT and its partners including overview books, inventories of practices and guidelines.

The latest is:

  • Making sense of research for sustainable land management (2016) including experience in land management contexts from twelve regional projects with the participation of more than 600 scientists.

3) SLM Videos: Different video products which complement written SLM knowledge and give a voice to the land users implementing SLM on their fields.