WOCAT has developed a well-accepted framework for documentation, monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of SLM knowledge, covering all steps from data collection, to a database and to using the information for decision support. WOCAT tools provide a unique, widely accepted and standardised method of application. 

  • Local level: Two comprehensive questionnaires on SLM Technologies and SLM Approaches for case study documentation have been developed and are constantly up-dated
  • National / regional level: The SLM Mapping methodology has been developed in collaboration with the LADA-project and providing a tool for assessing the spatial coverage of land degradation and conservation/ SLM.
  • Impact monitoring of degradation and SLM as well as the assessment of ecosystem services needs further efforts. WOCAT has established a taskforce dealing with these issues.
  • Up-scaling and decision support are growing demands. The question of how to achieve “maximum impact” through “least effort” is constantly being asked at the local, national and at the global level.
  • Flexible tools and methods: Further development of the global and national standard tools and methods with flexible options/ alternatives is important as needs are constantly changing.
  • Network partners have been involved in formulating the needs, and in testing and developing these tools.