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A government-led multi-sector partnership approach has been adopted and guided by the Uganda Strategic Investment Framework for Sustainable Land Management (U-SIF-SLM) 2010-2020 whose purpose is to scale up SLM practices across all sectors. Since 2016, the Uganda Landcare Network (ULN) has been mobilized to innovatively contribute towards creating and enabling environment necessary for scaling SLM practices with the support of WOCAT.


Uganda’s economy highly depends on harnessing land resources for various uses such as recreation, transport, agriculture, residenting and business infrastructure. Furthermore, agriculture is one of the five government priority sectors. 80% of the population of Uganda practise agriculture as subsistence farmers, approximately 69% of the population are employed by the agricultural sector and the whole sector is contributing about 26% to the GDP of the country (2015). However, land degradation and soil fertility decline emerge as major impediments in all cropping systems. To achieve long-term productive ecosystems by integrating biophysical, socio-cultural and economic needs using a holistic approach, the government-led multi-sector partnership approach Uganda Strategic Investment Framework for Sustainable Land Management (U-SIF-SLM) was adopted covering the period from 2010-2020. Its purpose is to scale up SLM practices across all sectors.

Use of WOCAT

Using WOCAT adds value towards operationalising Uganda's SLM scaling strategy in several ways:

  • standardized and flexible SLM information for easy understanding and application for a broad range of stakeholders
  • giving a voice to land users through audiovisual information
  • online SLM database for knowledge sharing between different stakeholders
  • innovative SLM platform that links local and scientific knowledge, raising awareness, and supports advocacy for SLM
  • strengthening the capacity of key stakeholders towards building resilience to cope with current and future land degradation shocks

Results and impact

The WOCAT tools and methods, applied within the framework of the IFAD-funded project on Scaling-up SLM by Uganda Landcare Network (ULN), have helped to achieve concrete improvements and impacts on the ground, including:

  • a critical mass of 74 extension agents and agricultural officers capacitated in the identification and documentation fo SLM practices, using the WOCAT Questionnaires and Database on SLM Technologies and Approaches
  • documentation of over 60 good SLM practices, in collaboration with the National Agriculture Research Organization (NARO)
  • providing support to land users in deciding which SLM practices to adopt as part of a guided decision support process led by extension agents supported by ULN
  • raising an SLM agenda, setting up a high-level technical team, and negotiating partnerships


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