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The Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) Cambodia is supporting extension services to help farmers adopting SLM practices in an IFAD-funded project together with WOCAT.


Cambodia is an agriculture-based country with around 75 percent of the total population being farmers living in rural areas. The majority of the farmers have limited knowledge of agricultural technologies and appropriate SLM practices. Land degradation is reported as one of the critical issues in the country which is a consequence of illegal forest loggings, conversions of forest land into commercial farms and unsustainable farming practices.

Use of WOCAT

WOCAT offers important tools and methods to address the challenges at hand and support extension services to document, assess and scale up good practices together with small-holder farmers. Some of the main achievements to date are:

  • WOCAT Questionnaires and Database on SLM Technologies and Approaches have been made available in Khmer language
  • 74 extension officers have been trained in the application of the WOCAT Questionnaires and Database
  • over 30 Technologies and Approaches have been documented in Khmer and English by extension officers supported by RUA
  • RUA and extension officers have been trained in carrying out participatory decision support workshops with land users for the selection of appropriate SLM practices for implementation

Results and impacts

Extension officrs are capacitated in identifying, documenting and assessing good SLM practices and sharing local knowledge in a standardized way in Khmer and English language. A community of practice with regards to documenting, assessing and scaling up SLM is established under the lead of the Royal University of Agriculture, Centre for Agricultural and Environmental Studies, guided by a National Expert Group. The validated SLM practices are discussed with land users in participatory workshops; evidence on the single practices supports them in selecting appropriate, climate-smart measures together with extension officers for implementation on their farm, increasing production, income as well as climate resilience.

Cambodia expert group meeting mit UNCCD focal point

In Cambodia, the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), partner of WOCAT in the IFAD-funded project ‘Scaling-up SLM with smallholder farmers’, held its yearly National Expert Group meeting attended by UNCCD focal point Dr. Meas Pyseth, RUA Vice Rector Dr. Sok Kunthy, Deputy Director of CARDI Dr. Seng Vang and the Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension Dr. Mao Minea. They discussed the project’s contribution to address land degradation issues and promote SLM practices among stakeholders and farmers in Cambodia thereby contributing to achieving land degradation neutrality.


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