Projects & Countries

At national and regional level, WOCAT collaborates with projects and programmes. WOCAT tools and methods are included in specific projects, mainstreamed in local programmes, and may become part of a national strategy. Local SLM solutions are documented and shared with stakeholders at national, regional and globoal levels. Rather than prescribing what users must do, WOCAT enables practitioners and decision-makers to make informed choices about implementing and scaling up good SLM practices.

How to check out current projects, initiatives, or countries on the map:

  • click on  "Filter" on the upper left corner of the interactive map and use the filters (Project, Countries, Initiatives), or apply the filter "All" to see all projects, countries, and initiatives.
  • insert the name of a project, country, or initiative directly into the "Search" field.
  • click on the orange-highlighted countries and learn about ongoing activities on the left side of the map.
  • if you are interested in creating your own country page or initiative page, please contact the WOCAT Secretariat.

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