Getting started with WOCAT

These guidelines are conceived to assist in the implementation of WOCAT at a regional/national level

The WOCAT methodology and databases do not offer "plug-and-play" SLM solutions, where SLM technologies and approaches can be taken from one place and simply copied to another environment. But WOCAT provides a proven methodology and a tool to document and evaluate what one is doing in terms of sustainable land management (technologies and approaches) as well as a means to compare ones own experience with that of others. The WOCAT network has got positive feedback from institutions that have indicated they find WOCAT useful in that respect. Therefore, WOCAT promotes first to carry out a proper self-evaluation, including taking stock of and documenting the scattered knowledge and identify strength and weaknesses from one's own SLM experiences. From our WOCAT perspective it is clear that if this self-evaluation has taken place, then people have much a better basis also to look into the experiences of others (documented in the WOCAT databases) and judge the strengths and weaknesses of those SLM Technologies and Approaches with regard to trying them or parts of them out in their own and bio-physical and socio-economic environment. 

Please note: the pdf-document to 'getting started with WOCAT' has not been updated in the last few years, therefore the vocabulary might not correspond thoroughly with the current 'WOCAT language'. Nevertheless, are these guidelines still valid.


The first step in the assessment of SLM practices (technologies and approaches) can be the documentation of available practices by using the inventory table to gather a first coarse overview. 

Getting started with the WOCAT SLM Database

This video shows you some basic information on how to navigate and use the WOCAT SLM Database.