Database & Manual

After the questionnaires on SLM Technologies and Approaches have been filled in the data can be entered into the global WOCAT databases. Please click on the links below to access the databases.

Technology and Approach Database

Since August 4th 2016 a new database is functional. The new database is based on the revised version of the basic SLM Technologies/Approaches questionnaires (version 2008), now called WOCAT Core questionnaires (version 2016). Adding of new SLM Practices needs to be done in the new database. It is no longer possible to add SLM Practices in the old database.


Please note: for entering data in the database you need to have a WOCAT user login. If you have not yet an account, you can create one here.

How to access, navigate and use the old WOCAT databases

Please watch the training video on how to access, navigate and use the old WOCAT databases. There are also written manuals available in English and Russian.