Questionnaire on SLM Mapping

The mapping questionnaire (QM) has been developed as a joint collaboration of WOCAT LADA and DESIRE. The mapping tool is based on the original WOCAT mapping questionnaire. It has been expanded to pay more attention to issues like biological and water degradation and places more emphasis on direct and socio-economic causes of these phenomena including its impact on ecosystem services.

QM evaluates what type of land degradation is actually happening where and why and what is done about it in terms of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in the form of a questionnaire.

Mapping Questionnaires

Please note that the current French, Spanish and Russian translations of QM are based on slightly older versions (March, 2008). The latest QM version (Version 1.0) is from December 2008 and is currently only available in English. 

Defining Mapping Units

This document provides a short description how the Land Use Systems for the mapping unit can be delineated.