Watershed Management Module

Considering the large investments worldwide in watershed management approaches for SLM and the need for evaluating experiences and sharing lessons WOCAT developed the watershed management module. The resulting knowledge from the watershed management questionnaire has a positive effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of watershed management programs. This module was particularly developed by WOCAT to assist in the evaluation, decision making and wider adoption of watershed management approaches.

The main goal is to share local watershed management experiences in order to highlight hurdles and decent examples of sustainable watershed management. In addition, the WOCAT watershed module aims to optimize systems of interrelated conservation technologies and approaches. Hence, the watershed questionnaire as a tool, focuses on the assessment of upstream and downstream impacts on SLM interactions, and emphasizes policy and institutional aspects relevant at watershed level.

Please note: The WOCAT Watershed Management module still needs further improvements and is not available as an online-database yet.


The watershed management questionnaire is currently available in English and French and can be downloaded.

Questionnaire Example

A completed questionnaire can be downloaded and serves as example