Climate Change Adaptation Module

The QCCA is a supplement to QT Core and helps to assess whether SLM Technologies are or can be further adapted to gradual climate changes and climate-related extremes. The QCCA focuses on individual SLM Technologies and not on areas or landscapes. It does not replace other tools that are available to assess overall resilience at farm or even landscape level.

The QCCA is devided into five parts:

  1. Chapter 1 starts with general information about the contributors and resource persons; it also links to QT Core, the questionnaire through which the main information on the Technology was gathered.
  2. Chapter 2 assesses exposure of the Technology to gradual climate changes and climate-related extremes (disasters). The exposure looks at which climate changes and extremes are occurring in the area where the Technology is applied. First, information about gradual climate changes and extremes is automatically generated (in the online database) by retrieving data from CIAT’s Climatewizard. Second, the experiences of land users and field-experienced SLM specialists are collected.
  3. Chapter 3 assesses risks and potentials and the sensitivity of the Technology to these.
  4. Chapter 4 looks at adaptive capacity to gradual climate changes and climate-related extremes (disasters).
  5. Chapter 5 summarizes the conclusions and lessons learnt.

Click here to download the questionnaires of the Climate Change Adaptation module. They are available in English, French and Spanish.