Impact Monitoring

The experience within the WOCAT programme shows that worldwide there is a deficit in monitoring the impact of different land management practices - especially of SLM practices. Thus there are lots of contradictions, misinterpretations and assumptions that lead to wrong decision making about implementation of SLM. However, what are simple methods and tools that can be used in the field to monitor the impact? Although some efforts have been made to provide concepts and tools for monitoring, they have not been taken up yet. 

The WOCAT questionnaires on SLM Technologies and Approaches as well as the Mapping questionnaire provide numerous indicators suitable to be used for impact monitoring. The questionnaires on SLM Technologies and Approaches can be used for a local level assessment and for monitoring impacts of specific SLM practices. The SLM Mapping methodology is suitable for the national level impact assessment, but can also be broken down to be applied at the local level. 

Within the taskforce on 'Impact Monitoring' WOCAT is developing a new tool for 'participatory impact monitoring' at the local level which is based on the WOCAT questionnaires. This tool should include monitoring indicators acceptable to the farmers, mechanisms to involve farmers and local administrations, mechanisms for the development of recommendations etc. For further information you may contact the WOCAT secretariat.

Furthermore, WOCAT is also involved in the Local LADA-assessment , which provides a detailed manual for the local level.