Decision support for SLM

WOCAT Decision Support Framework for evaluating and scaling-up SLM

The WOCAT Decision Support Framework (DSF) is a result of WOCAT’s long-term engagement in supporting partners both at (sub-)national and local level in improving decision-making processes in SLM (building on FAO-LADA, DESIRE, RECARE, FAO-GEF-DS SLM and other projects). It is based on the conviction that for a successful and inclusive decision support process a knowledge or evidence base has to be created, offering the necessary insights and data for an informed, evidence-based decision-making. The DSF integrates the WOCAT tools and methods, such as the Global Database on SLM, which have been established by WOCAT and its partners over time.

The framework presented here has been developed in close collaboration with the WOCAT Consortium Partners (ISRIC, FAO and GIZ) and is a work in progress, i.e. it is being discussed and tested with WOCAT partners in different countries, adapted and modified based on the experiences made, and further developed, completing it with additional tools and guidelines.

The WOCAT DSF is divided into two levels: the (sub-)national and the local level. A focus on certain relevant policy elements for scaling-up SLM is included in both levels. A series of steps is recommended to be carried out at both levels, including stakeholder workshops, expert assessments, SLM data collection, mapping and analysis. The DSF is set up in a modular way, enabling the users to apply the framework by starting at different entry points and choosing those steps which are relevant to them. E.g. if an institution has already done a proper national assessment of land degradation and SLM and has identified the local areas or landscapes for intervention, only the local level DSF can be carried out in the identified locations.

Please read more about the (sub-)national and the local level on the respective subpages.

Please download the SLM Decision Support Framework