SLM Technologies and Approaches

The questionnaires on SLM Technologies and SLM Approaches provide the main pillar of the local/ study site documentation of WOCAT. The questionnaires have been continuously developed and improved.

Since August 4th 2016 a new database is functional. The new database is based on the revised version of the basic SLM Technologies/Approaches questionnaires (version 2008), now called WOCAT Core questionnaires (version 2016). The Core Questionnaires contain the key questions on sustainable land management. They are shorter and less time-consuming to fill in than the formerly used basic questionnaires. Please see the Core versions below.

The documented Technologies and Approaches can be entered into the WOCAT databases.

Please note: countries with bad internet connection can fill in the SLM Technology & Approach Questionnaires in the Word file and send it to the WOCAT secretariat. Please contact the WOCAT secretariat for further information.

Core questionnaires (2016)

Old questionnaires on SLM Technologies and Approaches (2008)

Training video: Getting started with WOCAT Questionnaires on Technologies and Approaches

Please watch the training video on how to use the WOCAT Questionnaires versions 2008 for the assessment and documentation of SLM Technologies and Approaches.


Turkish Questionnaires (2007)

Please note these versions are from 2007 and do not completly correspond with the latest questionnaire versions.