Database on SLM Technologies

The WOCAT database on SLM Technologies contains a full range of different case studies documented from all over the world. WOCAT’s database currently comprises datasets around 600 technologies from 50 countries.

Since August 4th 2016 a new database is functional. The new database is based on the revised version of the basic SLM Technologies/Approaches questionnaires (version 2008), now called WOCAT Core questionnaires (version 2016). Adding of new SLM Practices needs to be done in the new database. It is no longer possible to add SLM Practices in the old database.

Please note that currently, the new database only contains the old UNCCD PRAIS data. Therefore, searching for existing SLM Practices still needs to be done in the old database. The migration of the WOCAT data from the old to the new database will take place later this year and is planned to be finalized latest by December 2016.

The old WOCAT SLM Technologies/Approaches databases will still be functional for editing existing Technologies/Approaches (entered before the 4th of August) until end of September 2016. After the migration of the data to the new system the old database will be “read-only”. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to finalise ongoing data entry of SLM Technologies and Approaches until end of September 2016.

Access the new Global Database on Sustainable Land Management here (add and edit new practices).

Access the old SLM Technology Database here (search and edit existing practices entered before the 4th of August 2016).