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WOCAT technologies and approaches available in Google Earth

All case studies from the WOCAT database can now be viewed in Google Earth by clicking on this link. Google Earth will start automatically and will show a WOCAT banner on top. You will notice the WOCAT logo appearing in several places on the globe; this indicates that a specific country has one or more case studies in the database. When you zoom in on a country with a WOCAT logo, the logo will be replaced by one or more smaller icons ('placemarks'), together with a country code. A green () icon indicates a technology, a red one is indicating an approach. Clicking on the icon will open a brief summary of that specific technology or approach with some photos, a map and/or sketch (if available). It will also provide a link to the corresponding entry in the WOCAT database where you can find much more detail about this technology or approach.

If you do not yet have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can download it from (free).

At the moment it is not yet possible to edit the location of the placemarks - though you can make changes to the version downloaded on your own computer.

The WOCAT cases were recently also shared with the entire 'Google Earth community'. This means that anyone using Google Earth can view the WOCAT cases. Please visit the Google Earth Community website, where you can also see the very positive rating of one of the moderators.

Tip: in sloping areas with a high-resolution coverage it is interesting to activate the 'Terrain' feature in Google Earth, which allows you to obtain a 3-D impression of the terrain around the described technology / approach. See also the Google Earth Help Center.

We would appreciate any feedback, questions or comments you might have.

WOCAT in Google Earth