Knowledge Base

WOCAT provides a global open-access database system on SLM Practices with direct application to knowledge of soil and water conservation. The database system consists of the database on SLM Technologies and Approaches as well as of the Mapping database.

The WOCAT database has an outstanding potential to help deliver current agendas in sustainable land management, climate change adaptation and climate resilience planning. WOCAT has carried out its activities with more than 50 national and regional groups, documenting more than 470 SLM technologies and 235 SLM approaches. WOCAT provided training to over 500 practitioners in the application of the methods and tools. This portfolio of experience and records makes WOCAT the premier platform of information on land resources.

The former MS-Access SLM Technologies and Approaches databases have been transferred into the new WOCAT online database system from 2010-2011.

WOCAT users can enter their data directly into the online system.