News from the WOCAT Secretariat 2012

Dear WOCAT member

News from the WOCAT Secretariat

WWSM Proceedings 2011

We are pleased to announce that the WWSM Proceedings of the “WOCAT Share Fair and 15th WWSM” in Bishkek and Naryn, 21 – 27 June 2011 have been uploaded to the WOCAT website.

Update on new funding phase 2012+

We are very pleased to share that a new WOCAT phase has been approved by SDC in December 2011. The main task of the new phase is i) to diversify global funding and ii) to set up a more institutionalised structure. For this transformation a two-year transition period (2012-2013) is proposed, followed by a two year consolidation period (2014-2015). The three discussed options i) a NGO, ii) a Consortium and / or iii) a combination of both have been further explored. This process will be finalised by mid-2012.

We wish to continue, strengthen and formalize our partnership with you in future. Your initiative and collaboration is highly appreciated.


The next annual WWSM is tentatively scheduled at the beginning of 2013. A meeting cycle of 1.5 to 2 years with all partners is envisaged. However, depending on the process of defining the new WOCAT structure this meeting will have to be adjusted accordingly.

At the 15th WWSM 2011 WOCAT countries made suggestions to host the next WWSM. The offer to host the next WWSM in Southern Africa was favored by the majority.

Best wishes from the WOCAT Secretariat