Announcement of WOCAT Share Fair and 15th Annual WOCAT Workshop and Steering Meeting in Kyrgyzstan

Dear WOCAT members

We are pleased to announce the WOCAT Share Fair and the 15th Annual WOCAT Workshop and Steering Meeting taking place in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, from 21 to 27 June 2011.

This year we have the opportunity to get familiar with SLM issues in Central Asia. A 2-day WOCAT Share Fair on sharing SLM knowledge management and decision support for global and local needs will open the meeting in Bishkek, followed by a 5-day WOCAT workshop and steering meeting (WWSM) in Naryn. Compared to the WWSM 2009 held in Morocco, where taskforce activities were central, this WWSM will address general topics on SLM knowledge management and decision support for global and local needs. Hot topics will be i) climate change adaptation and mitigation and disaster risk reduction, ii) pasture / grazing land management, and iii) further development of WOCAT knowledge management and decision support methods and tools.

Please find the announcement, the programme and logistic information attached.
Deadline for registration is April 10, 2011.
The reason for the tight registration deadline is that the visa procedure takes 2 months!

Please use the on-line registration form here or as indicated in the announcement and DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MAIL TO INDICATE YOUR INTEREST.

We hope to see you in Kyrgyzstan (link to Kyrgyzstan map here).

Kind regards on behalf of the workshop organisers

  • Nasreen Dhanani, Deputy Director and Director of Research, University of Central Asia, UCA
  • Janyl Kozhomuratova, Director CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Reinhard Bodemeyer, Head of Regional GiZ CCD-Project for Central Asia / CACILM
  • Mira Arynova, Regional Coordinator, Regional Coordination Office, JACS Central Asia NCCR North-South
  • Hanspeter Liniger, CDE - WOCAT Coordinator
  • Godert van Lynden, ISRIC, WOCAT Global Management
  • Sally Bunning, FAO, WOCAT Global Management

The WOCAT Share Fair and WOCAT WWSM will be held back to back with an International Symposium on “Pastoralism in Central Asia: Status, Challenges and Opportunities in Mountain Areas”’ (13.-18. June 2011) organised by NCCR North-South and University of Central Asia (UCA). If you are interested to attend the Symposium on Pastoralism as well please visit the following link