WOCAT Strategy

The Strategy determines the direction of the WOCAT programme, and is revised every 4 years.

WOCAT Strategy 2015 - 2018

WOCAT’s “International Strategy” for 2015–2018 is the product of experiences gathered in the WOCAT programme since its launch in 1992. The Strategy resulted from an internal evaluation and consultation on the future of the programme, in which all Consortium partners were involved.

The Strategy determines the direction of the WOCAT programme for the next 4 years, including:

  • the importance of SLM and knowledge management
  • key challenges to the adoption of SLM by land users and to mainstreaming SLM
  • the WOCAT Network setup, including vision and mission, overall goal, and organization of the WOCAT Network
  • WOCAT International’s strategic goals 2015–2018  
  • fundraising strategy  
  • monitoring and evaluation  
  • annex documents, including WOCAT Network history and achievements, WOCAT Network organizational structure and bodies as described in the Framework Agreement, WOCAT-related SLM knowledge management and decision-support tools, Consortium Partners in brief, WOCAT International logframe for 2015–2018

WOCAT funding strategy

With the strong international setup of the WOCAT Network and the growing recognition of the importance of SLM in development overall, new and more diverse funding opportunities arise and are sought. Building on their comparative advantages, Consortium and Network Partners are working together to harmonize approaches and develop user-friendly tools and applications, thereby contributing to leverage additional resources and wider support.

WOCAT International endeavours to increasingly generate long-term programme funding to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability to continuously provide its services to Network members and partner organizations while keeping up with newest developments. At the same time, WOCAT also welcomes short-term funding and donations.

For more information please contact the WOCAT Secretariat at wocat(at)cde.unibe.ch.


WOCAT Strategies

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