The four dimensions of knowledge

“Knowledge” - a crucial aspect of WOCAT – is treated in multiple dimensions:

  1. Knowledge related to SWC / SLM: innovative methods and an extensive network of both land users and soil and water conservation specialists have enabled WOCAT to accumulate a wide base of know-how;
  2. Knowledge related to documentation and evaluation tools and methods: through the process of refining its methodology and tools, WOCAT has developed substantial experience and know-how on documentation and evaluation procedures;
  3. Knowledge related to information sharing and networking: the establishment of an intellectual environment conducive to sharing and networking simplifies the dissemination of acquired knowledge to others working in the same areas and seeking to accomplish similar tasks;
  4. Knowledge related to research, training and education: Due to requests to use the WOCAT methods and tools, WOCAT has conducted a large number of training workshops throughout the world. Due to emerging knowledge gaps, WOCAT has become more and more involved in research. These experiences have enabled WOCAT to gather a wealth of knowledge related to research, training and education methods.