WOCAT Secretariat

Global management is assisted by a secretariat, currently at CDE. The secretariat consists of following members:

Hanspeter Liniger, Director
Renate Fleiner, Coordinator
Nina Lauterburg, Research Associate
Alexandra Gavilano, Research Associate
Deborah Niggli, Research Assistant

The following members are affiliated with the secretariat (leading WOCAT projects or WOCAT related projects):

Rima Mekdaschi-Studer, Senior Research Scientist
Nicole Harari, Research Scientist
Mathias Gurtner, Research Scientist
Isabelle Providoli, Senior Research Scientist
Gudrun Schwilch, Senior Research Scientist
Tatenda Lemann, PhD Candidate, Research Associate

The secretariat has following role:

  • acts on requests from Steering Committee;
  • responds to correspondence and requests;
  • distributes materials and tools;
  • hosts the global database
  • assists in the organization of global workshops and steering meetings.