Around 30 national / regional intiatives are taking part in the WOCAT network. Participation in WOCAT at the country or regional level is referred to as a national / regional initiative; in some cases, participants might give themselves individualized names (such as ETHIOCAT in Ethiopia or BANCAT in Bangladesh). These operate in an autonomous, decentralized and self-funded way. Training workshops, for example, are organized and funded by the requesting institution; only resource person(s) can be paid by the global management. Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) can be developed between the global and national /regional levels in order to help clarify their respective roles.

The latest activities of the national / regional activities are available under news and/or can be read in the latest workshop proceedings.

List of regional / national initatives

Region Country Name of the Initiative Details
Asia Kazakhstan - [more]
Eastern Asia China CHNCAT [more]
Eastern Asia China FJCAT [more]
Eastern Asia Indonesia INDOCAT [more]
South-eastern Asia Philippines PHILCAT [more]
South-eastern Asia Thailand THAICAT [more]
Central Asia (regional initiative) HIMCAT (Himalayan Conservation Approaches and Technologies) [more]
Central Asia Bangladesh BANCAT [more]
Central Asia India - [more]
Central Asia Kyrgyzstan WOCAT in Central Asia [more]
Central Asia Kyrgyzstan WOCAT in Kyrgyzstan [more]
Central Asia Tajikistan WOCAT [more]
Eastern Europe Hungary SOWAP [more]
Eastern Europe Turkey TURCAT [more]
Eastern Europe Serbia and Montenegro SERBCAT [more]
Northern Europe (regional initiative) SOWAP ('Soil and Water Protection Using Conservation Tillage in Northern and Central Europe') [more]
Western Africa Kenya KENCAT [more]
Western Africa Nigeria NIGCAT [more]
Eastern Africa (regional initiative) RELMA WOCAT regional activities [more]
Eastern Africa Ethiopia EthioCAT [more]
Eastern Africa Tanzania TANCAT [more]
Northern Africa Tunisia TUNCAT [more]
Southern Africa South Africa WOCAT in South Africa [more]