Create a WOCAT account! The WOCAT account will give you free access to the online WOCAT database on SLM technologies and approaches and to the online Mapping database. Furthermore, you will receive the WOCAT newsletter and will be included in the WOCAT mailing list over this account.

The WOCAT network is open to all individuals and organisations with a mandate or an interest in SLM. Anyone can be associated with WOCAT and join the WOCAT network. The core of the network consists of specialists, programmes, projects, NGOs, etc. who like to present their local experiences with SLM at national or regional workshops and share their knowledge with others who use WOCAT tools and methods. Thus anyone can become a member and represent a node in the global network.

The WOCAT knowledge base is a public domain, i.e. everyone is invited to share it and use it. Newcomers can always use the WOCAT database and WOCAT products to gain better understanding of SLM, make better decisions in the field, and enhance planning at the regional or national level. The feedback they provide to WOCAT to improve the database and the programme will be greatly appreciated. WOCAT network collaborators contribute a little but gain a lot!

Make better use of existing knowledge and resources for a better future. Join WOCAT and set up your own programme within the WOCAT network.

For more information have a look at GET INVOLVED.

For any questions contact the WOCAT secretariat.