Funding of WOCAT

Current annual funding for global WOCAT is at the level of approximately Euro 300,000. Taking into account national and regional contributions (in cash and kind), a total of nearly Euro 700,000 is invested in WOCAT annually. WOCAT at the global level does not provide funding for the national and regional levels.

The current main donor is the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) with a contribution of about Euro 270,000 per year. Other donors (previous and/or ongoing) include: FAO, ISRIC, etc. This funding serves mainly to support basic enabling activities; some funding was, however, also targeted to specific projects (eg the book ‘where the land is greener’) or contained a set amount devoted to national activities.

The minimum amount needed for funding the basic enabling activities at the global level is currently about Euro 300,000. This is needed to guarantee WOCAT’s continued functioning at the most essential level (knowledge sharing network and maintenance of global database).

As activities exceeding WOCAT’s basic level as well as increased requests from the national and regional levels will require a corresponding expansion of WOCAT’s basic enabling activities, parts of this additional funding will have to be devoted to the global management level.

Main WOCAT donors

  • SDC
  • FAO (eg. LADA, TerrAfrica, etc.)
  • GIZ
  • and additional ongoing collaborations