WOCAT Workshop and Steering Meeting

15th WWSM in Kyrgyzstan

Since 1996, WOCAT organizes International Workshops and Steering Committee Meetings (known as WWSM). These workshops were first held annually and since 2009 biannually. The goal of the Network Meetings are (a) to bring together the main collaborating and funding institutions and the core collaborators, (b) to assess the progress and exchange experiences, (c) to further develop the programme and (d) to plan for the future including budgetary consequences.

The Network Meetings are usually attended by 30 to 50 participants from around 20 to 25 countries.

The latest WOCAT Network Meeting was conducted in June 2015 and took place in Feldafing in Germany from 8 to 11 June.

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Videos of Steering Committee Meetings (WWSM)

To access the videos of some WWSM meetings, please click on the link and enter the password "WOCAT".