External WOCAT Evaluations


External Review 2011

In August 2011, Anna Tengberg who is a private consultant, conducted an external review about the WOCAT programme. The objectives of the review were to assess the WOCAT programme, especially focusing on the program phase 2008 – 2011. This includes assessing the relevance of WOCAT to development needs and priorities, the overall performance of the programme, its institutional set-up and management, its cost-efficiency and funding strategy, and to make recommendations for its future development and financing mechanisms.

The methodology used for the evaluation included 6 steps: (i) review of databases, tools and documents; (ii) preparation of Inception Report and face-to-face meetings with SDC, CDE and WOCAT representatives; (iii) participation as observer in WOCAT Share Fair, and 15th Annual WOCAT Workshop and Steering Meeting; (iv) interviews with WOCAT partners at national, regional and international level; (v) triangulation of findings; and (vi) presentation of findings to SDC, CDE and WOCAT in Bern.

The WOCAT knowledge base has been considerably enhanced during the review period and its methods and tools have been further developed to integrate new issues, such as climate resilience and watershed management.

The external evaluation from Anna Tengberg can be downloaded on the link below.


External Review Report Anna Tengberg 2011