WOCAT activities

One of the main activities of WOCAT at the global level is the organisation of the biannual WOCAT Network Meetings.

Further activities at the global level are:

  • Support for the production of outputs at national and regional level. Increase number of good quality data and production of outputs like, books and publications. Analysis and synthesis regarding emerging global issues.
  • Development of additional and enhanced tools for exchange of knowledge, monitoring and evaluation as well as decision support.
  • Continously enhancing the WOCAT Network and increased capacity at national and regional institutions to run the programme at the regional, national and local level.
  • Training of partners to run WOCAT programme in their countries and regions.
  • Use of research to support WOCAT’s mission and develop tools and outputs.
  • Keep the WOCAT programme and network running.

A compilation of the latest activities at the global as well as at the national/ regional levels can be found in the workshop proceedings.