The WOCAT network

Since 1992 WOCAT has built up a global network of SLM specialists. Currently, there are more than 2000 registered users, over 60 participating institutions, and around 30 national / regional initiatives. To date, WOCAT was organized as an informal global network of national, regional and international institutions providing tools and methods that allow SLM specialists to identify fields and needs of action and to share their valuable knowledge in land resources management.

In response to the need to formalise the informal global network a Framework Agreement defining the WOCAT Network as WOCAT International, and WOCAT Regional and National, has been elaborated and legally safeguarded. In August 2014, the Consortium Partners officially signed the Agreement, which marks the start of a promising collaboration between the Consortium Partners and all partners of the WOCAT Network worldwide.

In early 2014, WOCAT’s growth and ongoing improvement culminated in its being officially recognized by the UNCCD as the primary recommended database for SLM best practices, including measures of adaptation.

WOCAT active users