WOCAT is the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies.

Poor land and water management at all levels and a lack of appropriate governance and legal and regulatory frameworks to deal with increasing pressure on limited re­sources are leading to accelerating degradation of the land resources upon which rural communities and society as a whole depend.

Without effective knowledge management and decision support tools and processes, land degradation and land resource management will continue to be addressed in an ad hoc manner, all too often overlooking, ignoring, or only selectively applying useful knowledge and experience gained over the years in various regions.

The World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) Network was established in 1992 and launched efforts to compile, document, evaluate, share, disseminate, and apply SLM knowledge as well as to build a knowledge and evidence base. It was far ahead of others in recognizing the vital importance of SLM and the pressing need for corresponding knowledge management. In early 2014, WOCAT’s growth and ongoing improvement culminated in its being officially recognized by the UNCCD as the primary recommended database for SLM best practices, including measures of adaptation.

What WOCAT is and what we do

The overall goal of the WOCAT Network is to unite knowledge management and decision-support efforts, to enable scaling up of SLM among all stakeholders.

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WOCAT Network

The global WOCAT Network is formalized and defined by the Framework Agreement as WOCAT International (with eight Consortium Partners), and WOCAT regional, and national including its institutional and individual members.

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